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Preparing Your Garage Door for Winter

A good quality garage door should last for years, even through the change of seasons and multiple daily cycles of opening and closing. But there are threats to your garage door in winter that you may be unaware of that need to be addressed. And, it’s best to have any needed maintenance or replacements performed before winter hits. After all, getting your garage door stuck is never good, but when your garage door is stuck in winter, it can create all sorts of problems. At Garage Door Services, we are the trusted name in repair as well as garage door replacement for South Beloit and the surrounding areas and have put together an outline of how to prepare your garage door for winter.

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Follow these steps at the end of fall, just as winter is approaching to help your garage door last and avoid garage door replacement:

Lubricate moving parts. New lubricant is less likely to show cold weather effects like drying or freezing so have your garage door lubricated to help protect it. Cold weather can put a lot of stress on a garage door. Garage doors are made up of a lot of moving parts that must work together to lift the heavy door. If the lubrication dries out or the door becomes denser due to the cold, that’s more work for springs, rollers and other components. 

Check photo eye sensors. Snow can cover up the sensors that tell your door if someone is underneath it. This is an important safety feature, but if enough snow builds upon one or both of these sensors, they cannot make the connection that tells your door it is okay to operate. If your door is not coming down or appears to be going back up intermittently, make sure snow or other debris on the sensors is not the culprit.

Check weather stripping. Quality, intact weather stripping is crucial in preventing snow, moisture and cold from getting into your garage. Even a small crack or gap in your weather stripping can render it basically useless. If your door is not properly insulated, warm air can escape your home through the garage door. 

Keep up with snow removal. As we venture farther into winter, it is important to keep up with snow removal. Snow can collect on a door and make it harder to open and can get into the various parts of your garage door mechanism, freeze and cause them to stick. If there’s ever any snow on or around your door, get rid of it immediately before it melts or freezes.

While you can take steps right now to get your door ready for cold weather, there are also some long-term measures you can take. One such thing is replacing your old garage door with an insulated garage door. A door with quality insulation has many benefits. It offers a more durable door, prevents warm air from escaping in the winter and keeps cool air in during the summer. And, If you don’t yet have an automatic garage door opener, it is a good idea to invest in one that’s suitable for winter use.

Do you want to learn more about winter maintenance or garage door replacement for your South Beloit area home? Give Garage Door Services a call at 815-394-9777 or Contact Us.

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