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Garage Door Repair

We specialize in garage door repairs for all types and brands. If the garage door at your house or commercial building is not working properly, or at all, give us a call. We can quickly diagnose the problem, and we have the parts and expertise needed to get it fixed quickly so you can go about your day.

Repairing garage doors across Illinois

Many issues can arise with garage doors. Here are some common problems we can fix:

  • Broken Springs
    This is the most common type of garage door repair. Springs should never be adjusted by individuals who are not properly trained to perform the task or who don’t have the proper tools.
  • Worn Pulleys
    The stationary pulleys get the most wear because the cable exerts sideways force on them. If one has become excessively worn, we always replace both. The moveable pulleys attached to the springs usually last twice as long, but we can replace them if needed as well.
  • Worn or Broken Rollers
    This is not an unusual problem, and it takes little time for us to fix.
  • Broken Cables
    We carry a full assortment of replacement cables on our trucks at all times.
  • Broken Hinges
    We can replace hinges on all garage doors, whether it’s made of steel, wood or aluminum.
  • Worn Bearings
    We carry a large assortment of replacement bearings with us to all our garage door repair calls.
  • Off-Track Doors
    We can quickly get the doors back on track and operating like new.
  • Broken Door Panels
    We can save you the cost of a brand new door by replacing a panel or two that’s been damaged.
  • Opener Problems
    If you push the button and nothing happens…check the power. If it’s not an electrical problem, it could be a broken gear or a worn bearing. We can diagnose the issue and get it fixed for you.
  • Bent Track
    Sometimes this happens. Thankfully, we can repair or replace your garage door tracks.

If you experience any of the above problems with your garage door, do not hesitate to call us. Continued use of the garage door when it is broken or worn will only cause more damage and lead to more costly repairs. This is especially true with broken springs. Operating a door with broken springs is dangerous and will only lead to additional damage of the door and opener system.

When you are having an issue with your residential or commercial garage door or opener, give us a call at 815-394-9777 for garage door repair.

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