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Give Yourself the Gift that Keeps on Giving: A Beautiful New Garage Door

The holidays are quickly approaching. And, what better gift to give yourself, your family and your home than a new, beautiful garage door? After all, your garage door makes a huge impact on the aesthetics and safety of your home. It’s something you use every day, not to mention something you depend on. Your garage doors are also the first thing people notice as they pull up to your home. Does your garage door look the way you want it to for the arrival of guests this season? Can you depend on it to open and close when you need it to? Give yourself a gift you can open and enjoy every day of the year; a stunning new garage door. As a company that specializes in garage door replacement for Roscoe and the surrounding areas, we thought we would offer a rundown of just how easy garage replacement can be as well as what to expect.garage door replacement

At Garage Door Services, we understand that during this busy time of the year, you need a service that’s dependable and simple. That’s why we work with you to create a plan that works for you.

First, take some time to research garage doors and the best type for your home and needs. If you aren’t sure which garage door to choose, let us know and we will gladly help you select the best one for your garage door replacement project. For inspiration, look to your window frames and choose a color that matches that.

Do you want your garage to be a bit warmer especially this time of year? Garage doors come in a variety of materials and sizes, and there are some garage doors on the market that are insulated. Let us know what you are looking for in your garage door replacement and we can help you from there.
Next, take a look at the door frame of your garage door to take note of any repairs that may be needed You will want to have these taken care of as well.

On the day our garage door replacement experts arrive, we will get to work promptly so make sure that your car is out of your garage and all boxes and other items are pulled away from your garage door as well. Plan for us to be at your home for a few hours from start to finish. Please make sure you are available in case we have any questions and so that we can ensure you are completely happy with your garage door replacement. Our number one goal is getting you the garage door you’ve always wanted for your home.

Ready to get started? For more information about garage door replacement in Roscoe, call Garage Door Services at 815-394-9777 or Contact Us.

Tips to Choose a Garage Door Company

So you’re ready to replace your garage door. Or, maybe you’ve been experiencing issues with your current door and are in need of essential repairs. Either way, it is important the repair or replacement is done correctly to ensure a safe, secure and great looking garage door. And, the best way to ensure the work is done correctly is to find a trusted, dependable garage door company in your area to hire. But, what should you look for in a garage door company? As the trusted name in garage doors for the area, we’d like to offer a few tips to help you find the best garage door company in Rockford to hire. Here are a few important tips to consider:
Ask around. Talk to friends and neighbors and ask them to recommend a garage door company in the area they trust.Garagedoor Services Garage Door Repair

  • Request an estimate.
  • Ask the company for a list of customer references in your area.
    Do not work with a garage door company that demands payment in full before the project is complete. You should never pay for an entire job in advance.
  • Find a local, trusted garage door company. As a locally owned and operated business in Illinois, we at Garage Door Services have always prided ourselves on our work and illustrating why we’re one of the area’s top companies for garage door installation and repair.
  • Find a garage door company with certified, highly trained, professional technicians.

And, these are just a few of the things to look for when considering a garage door company for your garage door replacement or repairs.

One garage door company you can always depend on is Garage Door Services. We are here to help with any and all your garage door needs. If you need an emergency repair, we will get there as soon as possible, so you can have your garage door working again. If you are looking for a new door with higher security features, we can find the one to fit your needs and get it installed. If you need a replacement part for your garage door, we can get it for you and make the repair.

We provide garage door services for both residential and commercial purposes. We work with various materials, styles and security levels. Just let us know what you need, and our garage door company can help you find the right garage door for you.

If you would like more information on our garage door company in Rockford, give Garage Door Services a call at 815-394-9777 or Contact Us.

Garage Door Maintenance for Upkeep & Safety

As long as your garage door is doing its job, it’s likely you don’t notice it much. You depend on it daily to go up and down as it should and that’s about all. However, the moment it stops midway, starts making strange grinding sounds or worst of all, injures someone; it becomes top priority. But, there are a few steps you can take to better your garage door and ensure it keeps working and is dependable for years to come.

Addressing your garage door’s basic needs with regular garage door maintenance can keep it in tip top shape. As experts in garage door maintenance for Dekalb and the surrounding areas, we would like to offer a few maintenance tips to ensure a safer, more dependable garage door.

garage door maintenance

Dealing with essential garage door maintenance issues on a regular basis is key to ensuring smooth and safe operation. Some maintenance tasks are universal to all doors, while other activities pertain only to swing-up, sectional or swing-out doors. As experts in garage door maintenance, the experts here at Garage Door Services will know how to provide the right kind of maintenance for your unique garage door. But, if you do try to fix an issue or perform garage door maintenance on your own, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Garage doors may seem like fairly safe devices that slowly go up and down. However, there are approximately 30,000 injuries each year in the U.S. that are related to garage doors, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. So, before you begin to attempt any kind of garage door maintenance, be sure to unplug the door opener motor so that it cannot accidentally turn on. This plug is usually located in the ceiling.

And, when it comes to a torsion spring on your garage door, it is important to remember that it is always under tension. This is a garage door maintenance task that is always best left to the professionals.

One garage door maintenance task that applies to all automatic garage doors is wiping clean of the photoelectric sensor, or “eye,” which prevents the door from closing if the sensor beam is blocked. Sensors will be located on both sides of the door, around the track area and near the floor. You can wipe down the sensors to remove dust and debris.

You can also inspect and tighten the hardware on the roller track, roller and roller bracket. Rollers slide along the roller track and the roller bracket attaches to the garage door itself.

Lubrication is another important garage door maintenance task. If you are uncomfortable lubricating all moving parts on your garage doors, professionals like us can come and perform this task for you.

These are just some of the garage door maintenance tasks essential to a dependable garage door. Our garage door service can tell you more about garage door maintenance in Dekalb and help you schedule a garage door repair or installation. Call Garage Door Services today at 815-394-9777 or Contact Us.

Signs You May Need Garage Door Replacement

Summer is a great time to revamp and remodel the home. A great place to start is with garage door replacement, especially if you’ve been experiencing some issues with your old garage door. As experts in garage door replacement for Rockford and the surrounding areas, we’d like to tell you about some of the issues to look out for in your garage door. And, when you decide it’s time for a new garage door, give us a call at Garage Door Services and we will happily recommend the best garage door replacement for your unique home and perform a beautiful, expert replacement.

Has a storm caused your garage door to bend?

Summer brings storms. Hail can cause significant damage easily visible. But, a strong wind from a storm can also cause your garage door to bend or go off the track and is a little less obvious. This could require garage door replacement to fix. Or, storm-proofing your garage and garage doors when you know there is bad weather on the way could be the difference between major and minor damage. You can brace the doors with a heavy-duty brace, which will add another level of support to the middle of the garage doors.

Is your garage door having trouble opening and closing?

This could be a sign you need garage door repair or garage door replacement. It could also be an issue with the lubrication or garage door opener. We can come out and check on that if need be as well. If that is not the case and the grease is as it should be, then it is probably a result of the garage door brackets becoming misaligned. Doors that will not open or close properly could also be because of problems with the electrical wires or sensors. The only way to know for sure is to give our garage door company a call.

Repairing garage doors across Illinois

Faulty hardware?

Garage doors go through a lot over the years, so it’s important to check on the hardware every so often. Check the bolts and hinges to ensure they are still properly attached and haven’t gotten loose over the years. Garage door repair experts like those here at Garage Door Services can pinpoint any hardware issues and recommend any necessary repairs or garage door replacement.

And, these are just some the issues you might experience with your garage doors. For more information about garage door repair or garage door replacement in Rockford, call Garage Door Services at 815-394-9777 or Contact Us.


How to Know When You Need Garage Door Repair

Sometimes it is obvious when you need garage door repair. For example, your garage door won’t open/close or it’s completely off its track. And, other times, it is less obvious. Is your garage door making more noise than usual? Or maybe it’s opening and closing a bit slower than it normally does. If so, it may be time you called us for trusted, reliable garage door repair in Roscoe. But here are a few things you can do on your own first:

garage doors


One of the best things you can do for your garage doors is to have them inspected by professionals like the ones at Garage Door Services. You should have an inspection done at least once a year to prevent certain repairs down the line. We can determine if there is anything that needs replaced and we know how to safely and effectively perform garage door repair.

Check the Garage Door Opener

If your garage door is being noisy or not working, check the garage door opener. First, check the power. If it’s not an electrical problem, it could be a broken gear or a worn bearing. We can diagnose the issue and get it fixed for you. While you still might need to call us for garage door repair, lubricating the opener can sometimes help reduce the amount of noise the opener makes.

Check the Springs

This is the most common type of garage door repair. Springs should never be adjusted by those who are not properly trained to perform the task or who don’t have the proper tools. When garage door springs break, it is definitely best to call the professionals to come in for garage door repair. Trying to fix these on your own can result in injuries or worse.

Check the Hinges

Hinges are another part of your garage door that can wear out over time. A little silicone spray might help them, but if that doesn’t work, it could be the bearings need to be replaced. We can replace hinges on all garage doors, whether it’s made of steel, wood or aluminum.

Check the Rollers

Garage door rollers are another cause for garage door repair. Check to see if the metal rollers are rubbing against the metal track. They should be, but sometimes you can get them replaced with nylon ball bearings, and this can help cut back on noise and other related issues.

Experiencing any of these issues? Interested in getting information on professional garage door repair for your Roscoe home? Give Garage Door Service a call at 815-394-9777 for garage door repair or Contact Us.

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