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Important Elements in Garage Door Repair

Is your garage door in need of repair? Unsure of why it’s been acting up? You should have any issues with your garage door taken care of straight away! While it may not always be obvious what the problem is, it is essential to schedule garage door repair to have things checked out by trusted professionals. Here at Garage Door Services, we are the trusted name in garage door repair for Machesney Park and the surrounding areas and can service your garage door with thoroughness and dependability. Here are just some of the important elements in garage door repair: 

garage door repair machesney park
  • A thorough inspection. Professionals like the ones here at Garage Door Services will inspect your garage doors to determine any underlying issues. You should have an inspection done at least once a year to prevent certain repairs down the line. We can determine if there is anything that needs replaced and we know how to safely and effectively perform garage door repair.
  • Diagnostics. Is it an electrical or problem? Issues with the opener? Is it a broken gear or a worn bearing? We can diagnose the issue and get it fixed for you.
  • Check and adjust springs. When garage door springs break, it is definitely best to call the professionals to come in for garage door repair. Trying to fix these on your own can result in injuries or worse.
  • Hinges & rollers. Hinges are a part of your garage door that can wear out over time. A little silicone spray might help them, but if that doesn’t work, it could be the bearings need to be replaced. We can replace hinges on all garage doors. When it comes to rollers, sometimes you can get them replaced with nylon ball bearings, which can help cut back on noise and other related issues.

Some other common garage door repair issues include worn pulleys, broken cables, broken door panels, balancing issues, door tracking and much more. Whatever the issue, our experienced technicians can pinpoint the issue and work to get it resolved. We specialize in garage door repair for all types and brands of garage doors for both commercial and residential clients.

Interested in getting some more information on garage door repair for your Machesney Park area home? Give Garage Door Service a call at 815-394-9777 for garage door repair or Contact Us.

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